Formatting a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay FormatMuch to the lack of knowledge of most people, substance isn’t everything when it comes to work of letters. It is careless to think that once a certain topic makes sense to you, everybody else would make sense out of it and all you have to do to make it happen is just write it. While substance is very important (as the more critical readers will tend to examine it more thoroughly), the presentation of your ideas is more likely to make or break your essay. If you are inclined to lead a certain audience towards an idea or course of action, it is very important that you provide a perfectly laid persuasive essay format.

Although it is said in the first paragraph that substance isn’t everything, examining the substance of your argument is still very important in outlining a persuasive essay format. You cannot make paper out of metal; you need wood if you are to make one. Studying your topic and your intended substance shall be your basis on how you would make a persuasive essay format. If you want to create a shift in ideology, you must first break down the prevailing one before you present a new one. If you want to make a call for action, you need to present the problems first before your tell your readers what to do. If you want to point out that something or someone is better than another, you need not only to make essential use of the dimension of time but you also need to ridicule the other side, all while remaining to seem sane yourself.

The sequence of presentation of ideas is important in any persuasive essay format as readers tend to side with the last idea presented (people have very short attention spans). But that does not necessarily mean that you cannot make your thesis seem to “lose” by presenting the anti-thesis on the last part of your persuasive essay format.

Another important factor in creating a persuasive essay format is that your format has to be able to catch and keep your readers’ attention and fancy. You can do this by inserting indented quotes in between the paragraphs of your arguments, usually before or after you present your ideas but this technique is very flexible.

In order to create more subtle and visually appealing emphases on your persuasive essay format, you may use different fonts for the important words in your paragraphs. Be wary not to use this formatting technique to much, else, it may seem like a caricature instead of an emphasis. Remember: Over-exposure prevents standing out and standing out is the aim of an emphasis.

These are just some suggestion that you can use in your persuasive essay format. Don’t be scared to defy these if you understand the principle behind these techniques.

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